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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being Aware

Good morning AFA friends,

I saw a movie recently that I would like to share with all of you. "Food Inc" is a documentary about the food industry in the United States. It was scarey to say the least. Made me aware of how little we know about where our food comes from. And also that government and corporations are all in it together to make the most money with the least bit of conscience. And in the mean time the American population eats this food in good faith, assuming that the food is safe and produced humanely. Unfortunately policy is made by special interest groups, who get elected into government with the help of corporate sponsorship.The policies they make do not protect the American people but rather line big business coffers. For instance did you know that over 80% of the beef grown in the United States is produced by one corporate. The decisions on how to grow these beef cattle is made by men in suits in a room surrounded by computers. The cattle are fed grain that causes the pH in their rumen to be altered, which predisposes them to e.coli and then to counteract this they are placed on antibiotics in their feed every day to prevent contamination in the meat. Hmmm, which bright spark at computer head quarters thought up this strategy. Gee I can't understand why antibiotic resistance is such an issue these days or why children are dying of e.coli infections when they eat a contaminated hamburger. Much less the just damn inhumane and disrespectful way we treat fellow animals. I was recently driving back from L.A. and witnessed such atrocities. Cattle shoulder to shoulder in cramped conditions, not receiving anything that remotely resembles their natural diet or environment, knee deep in their own feces. What gives us the right to do this. And what gives corporates the right to make such decisions on our behalf. The growth hormones, antibiotics and other drugs that are being fed to these animals, leave residues in the food and we consume it. Grain fed animals have higher levels of omega 6 fatty acids (pro inflammatory and pro cancer) compared with grass fed which have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids (anti inflammatory and fights against cancer). Much less we are consuming this sad negative energy. The long term implications of letting human brains over ride Mother Nature have not been trialed or tested long term. Are we and our children prepared to be guinea pigs?

We all need to see this documentary. If you haven't, get informed and inform others. The more people that elect for grass fed meat, the healthier we will become as a population, the better the quality of life for these animals and the less money that we will put  into the pockets of corporations who care about nothing else but the bottom line. It's time to make a stand, put quality of life first and stop supporting companies who put profits above health and wellness.

- Dr Rettig