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We are one of the few veterinary clinics in the Bay Area that is exclusively dedicated to Holistic Medicine. This allows us to concentrate our energies 100% on healing via holistic modalities. Our focus is on energetic healing and while we have some western medications available, we rarely need to use them. We are committed to your animal's health and well-being. All products used for cleaning are green and non-toxic. We implement strategies to reduce our carbon foot print and use green and recycled products where possible. We take all of our patients care and well being very seriously. We are passionate about what we do. Every day we are excited to make a difference in animals lives, whether it be offering non-invasive options for a terminal illness to advising owners on natural methods for rearing their new puppy.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Our friend, the remarkably gifted and delightfully soothing, Victoria Tugwell offers the healing powers of massage to canine and feline patients at A4A. Below are some indications for massage. In addition, she provides relief using Reiki and cranio sacral work. 

Benefits of massage

Massage can be beneficial for the following and more:
Anxiety: Reducing stress and anxiety by building a bond between human and dog through touch and acceptance.
Competition: aiding in reduction of sore and tired muscles to enable the dog to move more freely and reach its optimal performance.
The family pet:  To be happy and content in its everyday environment. To encourage better muscle tone and function, better joint mobility and assist in reducing the effects of postural imbalances and abnormal gaits. 
With Veterinary Guidance, Aiding in Rehabilitation from Injury and Illness:
 Reduces pain and inflammation. Promotes the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. Promotes healing .

For more information, visit her website. You can call A4A at 925 283-6160 to schedule an appointment. 

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